Morning After 11/8/2016

Walking to My Car from my Apartment

In Denver, CO on the morning of November 9th, 2016, the morning is cool but not that cool to frost my windshield.

“I will comply, I will comply, I will comply…, I will breathe, I will breathe…, I will take a step…a step, I will…” is the morning incantation that replaces K-Love on my way to Emily Griffith High School. We have all heard, “When it rains, it pours.”

The 2016 U.S. Election has been the “rain”. I believe that my students are about to do the “pouring”.

Waking up before Work

Sitting on the edge of my bed facing the bookshelf, the idea of “What are you going to say to your students” pokes me as if it was a little kid needing attention. Hands on my head pondering “A book has not been written yet explaining how Donald J. Trump has won the U.S. Presidential Election from Hilary R. Clinton,” I shove the hell out of that little kid, and begin my routine for work–no breakfast.

“Present your song, ‘Misfire’ to your classes” comes out of nowhere; and because that thought is completely different from “What are you going to say to your students,” I recall young prophet Samuel, when he begins to question the intention of the One who had been trying to get his attention.

“Will I comply if I know who is giving the order or will I comply only when I know why a person is giving me an order,” I ponder while walking out the door.

Drive to work

“Lord, is that you instructing me to serve my students through music in my Language Arts classes?” One minute, I am like, “I will comply!” Next minute, I am like, “Lord, you must be crazy!” If excuses could count for Student Loan payments, then where would Americans be?

As I write now with today’s experience of school all said and done

What unified my students today was me confronting fear and doubt when using the resources that God had given me. Though fear and doubt can divide me from my best self, I have been encouraged today to first learn how to comply to tasks that will bring out the best me. I cannot control who becomes a president; however, I can control how a president/king sees me.

Walk from Parking Garage to Emily Griffith High School before Classes

Keyboard tugged underneath one arm and piano stand in the other, I recall saying, “I do not know what I’m doing, but I am sure that you [Lord] would make sense of my compliance!”

Presentation of “Misfire”

“It was a misfire, misfire, the sparks caused a wildfire, misfire…”

My first period loses their stuff after I sing the last note and end with a piano run up the grand piano! The applause was legit, and they appreciated my transparency of how I cope with adversary through song.

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