Trump It Is: But Still I Stand

To say the least, today has been an “interesting” day.  One Mr. Donald Trump appears to be poised to take position as the head of this nation.  Yea, you read that correct; DONALD TRUMP!  The same individual that has been obscenely vulgar towards minorities, towards our women, or any other people he believes he’s rich enough to control.  Funny thing is, he does have the money to control things with little-to-no credentials to back his interests.  But that’s just the world we live in: ain’t nothin’ changed…

But here’s a little something about me: I’m like “and; still gone wake up everyday (Lord willing) with the same swag I have now”…yep, we have a president that appears to not care about me, but what does that have to do with me?  I can’t personally change centuries of ignorance and stupidity that has been engraved in certain individuals by their fathers, their fathers, and so-on.  I can’t uncover the veil from someone’s eyes.  Shoot to be honest, if people ain’t listening to God what makes me think they are going to ‘readily’ listen to me?  Nah, I don’t fight those battles that I know are beyond my powers.  But you know where I choose to fight?  I choose to start with myself, MENTALLY, first.  That little voice that drives me to get up every morning and to put on for my family and other people that look like me.  Any of yawl ever feel a sense of pride that there are foes that try their hardest to slow you down, and yet you still make progress?  Is that just me?  Yo’ sometimes we just have to take a second and look at all of the things that have transpired and recognize that YOU’RE STILL HERE!  Some can and will credit themselves for such staying power; some will give all of the credit to God (hey, I feel ya’ there), but there are a few things that are undeniable.

  1. You can’t get ahead in a race when you’ve mentally checked out
  2. Your opponent only trains hardest when they really anticipate great struggle
  3. No pain, no gain, period
  4. Adversity reveals true self

Man I think it goes without saying that all of us want equality…all of us see the struggle, have felt the struggle, and are still in some kind of struggle (some greater, some weaker), but as a man I don’t have time to mope.  I gotta’ get up every morning and get to the money the same way my mama and pop did; the same way their parents did; the same way WE ALL have to do!  Don’t let this adversity show you to be mentally weak.  As black people, we can’t afford that.  Don’t let this adversity reveal you as spiritually unstable.  You’re black (and brown), you can’t afford that luxury.  But here’s the beauty in this situation.  Allow this adversity to trigger something in you that goes a little harder for yours.  When I’m blessed to be called daddy one day, I might tell them straight from the womb that there’s only one thing I know: it ain’t enough to be average when you’re black; you gotta’ be willing to go above and beyond.  So to all of my peeps looking for equality: stop.  Insanity ain’t cute nor is it helpful.  But now the stance needs to change since the opponent just switched their position.  Now what you gone do?  Imma’ keep grinding for mine, regardless of the obstacles.  Standing on the same stuff our ancestors stood on that allowed us to even be here right now.  Yawl be easy.





  1. I am not a black man but I am a black woman raising a black boy who will be a black man and I can only pray he will turn out as educated and well rounded as you.. this is great bro!! I will be running in and making Lonnell tune in as well!!


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