Monday Motivation

Monday represents a day of freshness for me.  After working hard on multiple endeavors throughout the previous week, Sunday (typically) affords me the opportunity to finally rest.  Like REALLY rest.  Like pass-out-on-the-couch-while-watching-the-sorry-Dallas-Cowboys rest!  And you Cowboy fans can miss me with the smack talk right now: Jerry Jones still gone find a way to mess up yawl’s season…so brag now, but it won’t last too long! Back to the issue at hand though.  Once that alarm clock goes off, its GO time.  My wife could probably tell you that its the only day I seem to get up with a little pep in my step.  Maybe its because of the rest, but it could also be because of the freshness I perceive in my mind.  You remember that ‘1st day of school’ feeling you used to have?  You knew you were going to see the same people that you’ve always seen for the past few years, yet you were still excited.  You remember how excited you were to start that new job?  Regardless of the day you started, the sensation was caused by just attaining something new.

So if it’s really a sensation based on the new things we perceive, I challenge all of you to look at this Monday as ‘something new’, even if it appears to be the same ol’ thing.  Personally, I grew up challenging myself to believe I had new stuff all of the time (when Lord knows I really didn’t).  Can’t afford new clothes?  That’s aite.  I bet this combination I use is gone be new!  I’m gone kill ’em lol!  Can’t afford new video games?  That’s cool too.  Let me create a player and start a NEW season on Madden.  I’m about to be blowing everybody out even worse than before!  So you see, when you grow up like this, you challenge yourself to find freshness in any situation.  So for my brothers and sisters out there, here are some ideas to get you going for the rest of the week.

  1. Treat somebody better than you’ve ever done before.
  2. Communicate with someone that doesn’t fall within your normal bubble.
  3. React differently to a problem that arises at work.  Problems are constant, but your reactions are variable in any situation.  Stop allowing the reaction to be a constant as well (that’s the nerd coming out in me haha; need a balanced formula).
  4. Take a new route home to discover something new.
  5. Select a new source of entertainment. For example, if your thing is TV, try reading a book this week.
  6. Ponder a new path to making money.  After that, pray on it.
  7. Ponder a new hobby.  After that, pray on it.

That’s seven different things that we can do this week that can give that fresh feel; one for each day of the week.  I don’t really care if you take my advice on those particular items; I just want you to do something new that’s within you locust of control.  And you know what the greatest thing about it is?  Whatever you decide to do (especially these things I listed) doesn’t require a permission slip or a hall pass.  It doesn’t involve others having to set a path for you; therefore you have NO excuse.  Take the chains off this week and start a new journey.  But here’s the key: you must ‘perceive’ that you have the key to unlock those shackles that are dampening your Monday morning.  Let’s start this thing over with a new approach.  A FRESH APPROACH!  Let’s get it y’all!


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