Keys to being successful with your man

Keys to being successful with your man

1. First off, all men are proud. They will only look weak for you for so long before they become the man again.
2. Ladies…if you have a prime rib make sure you take care of it. Savor it because the world isn’t filled with vegetarians. It’s a lot of hungry carnivores (women) that are hungry for your meat.
3. If you have house-trained a dog (especially a top dog) to bark to let you know when he wants to handle his business, don’t leave him at the door barking to9 long or he will handle it someplace you wont appreciate. (When I say house trained you don’t have him sprung but he’s yours and women know it)
4. Sometimes it’s a good idea to give him what he wants. Not spoil him, but take care of his needs. 9x out of 10 he will do that plus more for you.
5. Men might not go about it the right way but we know when there is a change in you or when you’re doing something different. We might not identify and approach it the right way but we know: so don’t try and be sneaky.
6. If we say we are ok or aight we lying. We just don’t want you to worry about our problems, but as our woman you’re supposed to find out whats wrong by any means necessary.
7. Don’t say come to you if we need to talk and you get upset at the subject; that’s why we go to others for help.
8. Take interest in what he likes doing. If he loves football, learn the game. If he writes poems, read them. If he draws pictures, be his model; his inspiration!
9. Respect. If you make your man feel less than a man or like another man can do his job (or you don’t need or desire him anymore) he’s gonna turn against you.
10. Be able to identify what kinda’ man you got. Don’t let other people tell you what he is: and whatever you find out treat him accordingly. Good man, real man, player, dog, womanizer, etc…
11. Be friends with your guy, become his best friend truly, and don’t hold anything back. And be open to his conversations, jokes, play games, etc. Relationships aren’t all about seriousness and being caked up: find something else to pass y’all time.
12. Try and establish trust. Don’t expect your man to trust you right off the back. Or even 100% because the only person who is 100% honest is God: just make him trust you to the point where he knows what you are capable of doing and not doing.
13. Don’t be self-centered. A relationship means more than one person, so its not all about you. Don’t try and make yourself look good and him look bad.
14. This not the end but this is the last one for this note: if you’re in love and something happens, and you feel your relationship is worth fighting for, FIGHT! Don’t just close the door.




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