The state of the black man is in a state of jeopardy like never before. The black male race is a strong one and has been a strong one since the beginning of time. Lately though todays black males do not want to accept the role and become the kings we are destined to be. There was a time when black men bonded together and stood as one to fight oppression and injustice. Although Oppression and injustice are still very prevalent today there is almost no need for it as we are fighting each other. In the words of Tupac “Give them guns, step back and watch the kill each other”. We cannot fall into the plans of the enemy. We must stand side by side as our ancestors did and fight together in a common goal of defeating the oppressions our race faces. We must not stand on opposing sides of the battle field. We must get the black male back in the household and raise our children up to be strong kings and queens. If we as black men continue to fight each other and continue to leave our children without a strong male figure in their lives, we will continue to be the blind leading the blind. Start being the king you were called to be!

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