Putting On For My People

One of the things that constantly rings in my head to this day is “Son, never forget where you come from”.  That’s my dad’s favorite thing to tell me (well 2nd favorite….he LOVES to remind me of what my last name is when times get tough lol). I’ve been hearing these things all of my life, so escaping them now would be impossible.  Although I was born-and-raised in Little Rock, my real roots trace back to Montrose, AR.  One of those lil’ country towns that you can miss if you blink at the wrong second.  Population: YOUR FAMILY and a few other families lol (no, but around 350 is a pretty good count).  A place where everyone knows each others’ names and business: like it or not!  But its also the place where people lookout for each other because we’re all we got.  Money isn’t plentiful, but pride and morals are!  There might be a few white folks living on the other side of the tracks, but its predominantly a black town….and proud of it.  Just a town trying to navigate the troubles of this world.

So you can imagine the kind of pride my family has in me.  Going on to graduate college (almost x2 at this point) and starting a career in the aerospace industry in the big city (the Denver metro area).  Its unheard of: but all things are possible with Christ and genuine support from your family.  So I always feel like its my duty to put on for my roots (Montrose), my family, my hometown (Little Rock), and my peers: my beautiful black people.

This past week I’ve been in DC looking for talent (for my job) that looks like me.  Brothers & sisters that have been through the same struggles as me.  Can relate to me.  And most importantly, are trying to give back to their communities somehow, someway, just like me.  Some may feel that its wrong for me to automatically discredit those of a different background.  That may be fair.  However, I only see one or two races in this country that have struggles far more superior than our counterparts.  I don’t think I need to voice who those inferior “brothers & sisters”are.  So excuse me white man, just for a second.  I love you as well, but as for right now, I’m looking for MY people.  This may be the only day we can ever make history in this sense:  Today my black people will be treated as SUPERIOR, and you’ll be the inferior.  Today, I’m puttin’ on for MY people: so you can head to the back of my interview line.  I’ll speak to you, but only if I can’t find what I need amongst my color.  Unfortunately for you, I see tons of greatness so you may have to try again another day.


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