The Day After……

Greetings everyone,

I hope and pray everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Traditionally a lot of food is consumed and everyone tells what they are thankful for and show it on this day. Are we actually thankful though? Why does it take a specific day to show our loved ones we are thankful for them? If we limit our thankfulness to one day out of the year, are we really thankful? Thanksgiving is a great holiday and I love it just as much as the next man/woman but do not limit yourself. Show the people you are truly thankful for that you love them everyday throughout the year. We do not know what will happen tomorrow, so appreciation can not wait for the last Thursday in November to be shown. Appreciate everything that you are blessed to have daily. Let people know that you love them and appreciate them for just their natural presence in your life. It is easy to show thanks on Thanksgiving but what about The Day After?



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