To Be or Not To Be: The Examination of the Human Spirit during Adversity; Letter to Older Self

11/30/16 Year Old Patrick writing to 12/2/16 Year Old Patrick

Dear Older Patrick,

Are you proud of me? Based on an intense moment today at the office on 11/30/16, I will again have to show grace, mercy, grit, receptiveness, and humility for the sake of the love God commands me to show my neighbor tomorrow. Older me,  I recognize that my actions on 12/1 are essential building blocks to your great legacy in academia, philanthropy, and art. And because I love you like how Christ loves you, I won’t let you down.

Older Patrick, cherish this experience I am about to give you: in recognizing that everyone would face the inevitable, you will walk into the business conference tomorrow with your employer and your frustrated client, and you will listen. Though you have prepared your explanations of what may have caused the miscommunication in the first place, yet you will be at peace because of your awareness that your ultimate priority is not to advocate for yourself but to listen. Though you know that being able to advocate for yourself is a very essential skill for all people to have, you will be at peace with the knowledge that there are times when you do not have to indulge in advocacy over foolishness. Though other clients who were present during the same intense moment have advocated for you already in ways that you could not have imagined, you will remind yourself that you need not to advocate for yourself. Though you have been advocated for, you will still prioritize the need to listen to someone’s else scars from their heart and insecurities that were triggered by your actions.

To be or not to be right is not the question; however, to be or not to be the best listener is the catalyst to my greater legacy here on Earth; therefore, I command myself, “Listen in my stillness and know that I am being lifted from glory to glory.”

Though you will see your client share things that do not match your character that permeates love, hard work, kindness, patience, and the thirst for a greater understanding of living functions and interactions, you will listen and be appreciative of this individual’s opportunity to advocate for themselves. Though you will be in the moment of a conversation you believe that should not be occurring in the first place, you will be receptive and celebratory of the experience because your spirit will be joyfully singing and accepting that “This is the day, this is the day, that the Lord has made! Therefore, I will rejoice. Yes, I will rejoice, and be glad in it!” Though you will be criticized, you will recognize that the muscle you will acquire will last far longer than the instant pressure in the hot seat. Though you will have to have this conversation early morning before your other clients require your services, you will smile and declare, “Love never fails…” Though one client may have attempted to take a blow at your peace, joy, and devotion to others, you will continue to offer your time, sweat, and tears for the remaining clients you will come across; and importantly, to the client who you have declared that you can still forgive, will forgive, and seek their forgiveness, they should never be exempted from your forgiveness, best service, and kindness. Though you will be uncertain of tomorrow, you will be rich in love, grace, mercy, peace, joy, and songs of love, grace, mercy, peace, joy, and jubilee.

Older Patrick, as I use writing as a tool to process this so that you do not have to, I pray you the ability to sleep in the days ahead and the ability to let go. Not a concern of yours however, anxiety is inevitable for me. Yet, I accept that it does not have to be a card I keep for you in our deck of cards. Older Patrick, I give you my word that I have taken and grown from and released the criticism today, and I will take it, grow from, and release it again tomorrow, so that you cannot be hindered from paving the way for God’s glory to be radiant in your life seconds ahead of any tomorrow we are gifted to encounter.

To be or not to be a processor of emotions is costly. Therefore, I process this now so that you do not wrinkle up latter. LOL! To be or not to be knowledgeable that you are forever someone’s example is breath. Therefore, I accept that hardships occur; and there are some hardships that you cannot avoid. Consequently, I accept that I can make up my mind to “to take arms against a sea of troubles, and by opposing, end them” (Shakespeare).

Yes, older brother. Younger self is fighting for you!

To be or not to
And by opposing end them.conquer all that you can of it.

To be or not to be is your choice.

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