Just Do It

I see a real struggle y’all, and forgive me in advance if this post touches any in the wrong way (I’ve learned that people are touchy about their excuses).  Charge it to my observations, and not my knowledge.  That being said, maybe this post will motivate someone to “just do it”, and take the gear out of neutral.  You guys do realize that neutral is only as good as the factors surrounding its existence, right?  A car in neutral can go forward if it has the right push or pre-existing conditions (maybe a downward slope allows gravity to take effect).  That car could even go backwards with the same formula in reverse.  But you know what that car is doing while in neutral (for the most part)? NOTHING.  Yep: just WAITING for something to come along and give it another push.  It controls not one thing!  Its just an object of mass with no purpose and unrealized value.

I’ve been blessed with a select few friends my entire life; my brothers from another mother.  Out of those bonds, I inherited a grandfather that I’d never had: OG Mr. Wiley.  I didn’t recognize it then, but he had taught me something that makes the world of difference to me, even today.  Whenever I’d spend the night at my bro’s house, Mr. Wiley would always wake us up by saying “PUT YOUR FEET ON THE FLOOR”!  Mane used to irritate my soul!  He would literally stand there until we got our legs out the bed and onto the floor.  Ironically enough, I reflected on that same thing when I went away to college at Jackson State University in 2007.  I was having trouble with trying to develop concepts for an English paper.   I had all of these ideas, yet nothing to show for it.  Then I remembered how I used to feel being woken up by Mr. Wiley.  It was a synonomous feeling to what I was going through (all thought but little to show for it).  While the thoughts were everything pertaining to what I’d do that day when I was rudely awoken (lol), I was still being held hostage by that bed.  But it was something about that floor that created a little magic!  Once my feet hit that carpet, I was good to go!  Energized, abled, and ready!  So fast-forward back to college, and I get the idea to just put my pen to the paper and just, at least, start writing.  Write anything!  Next thing I know, within three hours I had completed an eight-page paper.  Not because I simply had the ideas: but because I took the step of putting my pen to the paper.  There are numerous moments I can recall in my life that were similar to thus; the key was always to simply ‘start’.

Moral to the story is this: we ALL have ideas of things we want to accomplish.  Visions that God has given us to proceed with.  Gifts that have been given to us that we haven’t explored.  But for the ‘most’ part, we all are being held hostage to the “neutral” state of mind and life.  We’re always waiting for the right opportunities or the right time, waiting for the stars to align perfectly; making procrastination our best friend any chance we get.  After all, procrastination is that friend that will never challenge you to do more, to see more, to BE more: procrastination truly loves you for just who you are everyday.  We’re allowed to be lazy and comfortable with such a great friend!  So my procrastination-loving KINGS & QUEENS, I challenge you to make a new friend in your life.  I challenge you to meet ‘ACTION’ with a firm handshake of commitment.  And theres only one thing that ‘ACTION’ requires to keep him happy: everyday, finding your “feet to the floor” moment.  Peace & Love y’all.


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