Here Now to Son Part 2


I have been watching your activities: your service to community building; your service to the people of the community; your service to yourself and your dreams; and your service to God. And son, all I want to say is, “Negro, do not be like your father who ignores the relics in the room that really count!”

Ms. Vanessa Nettingham has been that relic in the room; in which, no BlackmenBlackminds gent should forget.

She is like “water to a vase,” “grease to bacon,” “Michelle to Obama,” “Sheba to Egypt,” “Milk to Cereal,” “Emotions to hearts,” “thought to brain,” “letters to manuscripts,” “Clothes to hangers,” “Hope and Faith to prayer,” and “profit to labor.” Now, Negro, I could go on and on  and on and on, but Negro you are my son who has a diploma and a couple of degrees on top of that. Otis Redding sings, “You don’t miss your water, till your well runs dry!”


Tell Vanessa Nettingham Happy Valentine’s Day even if she is not your boo! Hasn’t she been supporting the BlackmenBlackminds’s cause? Isn’t she acknowledging that some black men are doing their best in restoring a black man’s image through her acknowledgement and endorsements that some black men are making a difference? All of that love cannot go unnoticed! As one cannot deny that the sun is in the sky, we men cannot deny the emotional support Vanessa’s rays of support are producing. As the sun grants my son’s Vitamin D, Vanessa, thank you for offering them vigorous determination. In my day, a million men marched to Washington to stand in solidarity. I cannot begin to fathom how many brave women cultivated those men to accept their calling and march.

Vanessa Nettingham, if you are growing weary in your efforts in supporting my Negro sons’ journey in restoring the portrait of a black man, it is only because my sons are not thanking you enough for being the water and bucket in the well, for being Michelle, for being grease to bacon, for being clothes to hangers, for being faith to prayer, the single mother to successful entrepreneurs, for being hope to broken images, and for being close enough to care.

Because of your time and awareness Vanessa, especially when guys like to be noticed too, my son will acknowledge and honor the fact that BlackmenBlackminds has its on Coretta, despite how he feels about me due to my absence.

It’s like a sin for him not to honor you; it’s a sin for him not to honor himself. Thank you for your faith in my Negro sons! Thanks for taking on more than the role of just being a “rib”. You are living, breathing, active, and are a necessity. Importantly, you are heard.

A father,

Here Now

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