Are You Settling?

At twenty-seven years old (thank you Lord), I can truly say that I’ve come a long way.  I’ve found the most important thing on this earth that a man can capture (a wife), I haven’t been without a job since I was twelve years old (work ethic and favor has always been there), and I’ve managed to escape the confines of being an African American male destined to serve time in a jail or a penitentiary (Lord please keep protecting me).  Furthermore, I hold two degrees from higher-learning institutions; B.S. in Industrial Technology (U….A…..PB!) and M.E. in Engineering Management (University of Colorado).  Not only was I a home-owner at the age of twenty-two, but the wife and I recently had a home built from scratch in 2016.  To take it a step further, I’m heavily involved in ministry within my local church, and even involve myself in mentorship opportunities throughout the community of Denver via my frat (A Phiiiiii) as well as my job.  Not only am I one of the sole African Americans working on my campus currently (there may be 30 of us out of 3000 individuals), I actually manage one of our manufacturing centers.  At twenty seven years old (thank you Lord, again), I can truly say that I’ve done a lot and seen a lot of successes.  To God be the glory!

So by now, you may be thinking something such as “this brother sure is bragging a lot right now”, and you’d be on-par to assume so.  I just rolled off a list of credentials that are typically expressed by those that have been struck with the “acceptance speech” gift.  But if you really know me, you know that I’m not the type of brother that operates in that manner.  You see, actually this challenge isn’t for you: this challenge is for me!  Not because I need to do more, but I need to start doing something that is meaningful.  Something that gives life even when the troubles of this world is trying to rid you of its’ very essence.  Do I have days that feel purposeful?  Of course!  I LOVE those days that I can reflect and know I did something God ordained for me to do.  Do I have days where I feel like my presence on this Earth was not in vain?  Sure; I can always sleep well on those nights.  But it appears that those days are dwindling more and more lately, and I feel as if God is asking me a simple question: why are you settling?

Why are you settling when I have provided you so many talents?  Why are you settling when I gave you so much energy to use?  Why are you settling when I have implanted so many ideas for you to bring to life?  Why are you settling when there are so many visions I’ve displayed to you even though your eyes were closed?  Why are you settling when I’ve allowed you to overcome so many obstacles Isaac?  Why are you settling when I have given you this spirit of unrest, RIGHT NOW, to remind you that you can rest AFTER you’ve given back to me what I’ve given to you?  Why are you settling by wasting time when I have given you a nagging compulsion when you feel others are wasting your time?  How ironic; you get upset when people are wasting your time: well what about the time that you are wasting that I have provided to you, IAC?

Isaac Alexander Clark, my son, why are you settling….


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