Month: September 2017

The Power of Symbolism and Metaphor: The usage of them towards Social Justice

When Jesus Christ asked Peter, “Do you love me?” Peter’s replies, “Yes.”
Then Jesus repeats, “Peter, do you love me?”
Peter slowly replies, “Yes, I do.”
Lastly, Jesus utters his closing question, “Peter, do you love me?”
Peter, being profoundly touched, emotionally responds, “Yes I do.”
Jesus did not have to question Peter’s love ever again nor does Jesus condemn Peter. That wasn’t the point of the questioning. Simply, reflection, relationship, and personal growth were gained.

The power of symbolism and metaphor

“American flag/America, do you love me,” marginalized people ask. Quickly, the marginalized recognizes that they didn’t impact positive change with that question to its recipient. Why?! The American flag and Country (as land) cannot provide the verbal response needed to ignite growth. Therefore, the marginalized people redirect their question to the Americans who inhabit and inherit the land and who can verbally speak.

These Americans reply, “Yes we love our marginalized people.”

The marginalized asks again, “American policy makers and life changing decision makers, do you love me?” The America policy makers and life changing decision makers reveal that their “love” is merit and brotherly-centered, so if you have the credentials and favor their resemblance, their love is ignited, in which, they do not know merit and brotherly-centered love is not the deepest love one can show another human being or they have just forgotten Jesus’ definition of love.

Yet, these Americans reply, “Yes I do love you if you’re willing to conform or assimilate.”

With such response the marginalized should have given up and felt hopeless, but they hope for the best when Hope is hard to fathom due to the present situation.
Therefore, in faith, the marginalized asks, “American people, do you love me when you see blood flow out of me unjustly?”

Unlike Jesus’ most loyal and faithful disciple being able to give a sincere and quick answer to Jesus’ final question, the American people are still brainstorming their answer on whether they love the marginalized.

But when they do answer, I hope they would have the mental and emotional capability to acknowledge their silence as Peter acknowledged his verbal silence and physical denial in the heat of the moment of the injustice happening to Jesus Christ. With such acknowledgment, it enabled him to partake in a life changing conversation with a victim of injustice, which enabled him to see the physical, social, emotional, and spiritual affliction suffered by the victim. That then led to action, making Peter transform into a genuine advocate for agape love and social justice.

I’m one of the marginalized. Do you love me America?

I can’t take your silence; do you love me America?

Do you…

Life’s Changes

What’s up everybody?!!! I hope (and pray) that everyone has been doing well over these past few weeks while I’ve been AWOL from the site.  My bad on that.  You see the thing is, just when you think you’ve gotten everything figured out, Life has a series of curveballs that it wants to throw you.  Well to this point, I’m probably 0-12, but I’m still swinging.  I’ll keep swinging until I can make contact to ensure I’ve mastered this new pitch!

The scary thing about this new change is that I don’t know exactly where I’m headed or even what for.  I mean, I thought everything was going perfectly fine for me a few months ago.  Me and the wife are good (as always).  Financially, I’m doing better than ever (just received a promotion a month ago that brought a nice amount of funds into the home).  Physically, I could be better…but I still feel well; no aches, no pains, no illnesses.  Denver is still a dream location that has provided me with a great quality of life.  So if I had to sum up my life in one word, I could: #Blessed.

But there’s one key element of peace that started to shake for me a few months ago; my spirit.  If I’m not healthy spiritually, I can’t be healthy in any other form of my life.  Guys I can’t really voice the feeling that settled into my spirit around the beginning of July.  Things started to look distorted on my job.  And everyone that knows me knows that I love my job.  Things started looking funny in this beautiful house my wife and I built last year.  And everyone that knows me knows that I love this house; my wife did a great job with it (lol)!  Things started looking funny in the ministries that I’ve been so committed to over the past six years.  Everyone that knows me knows that there isn’t anything more important to me than working for God.  I was making money (good money!).   But I wasn’t smiling as much as I’d been used to.  I wasn’t sleeping the same way that I used to.  I’m working with the same people, doing the same things that I enjoy, and even having the same circumstances that have surrounded me all this time.  But this place where I wanted to stay the rest of my life started to feel “different”.  My spirit was vexed for a few weeks straight as to “what am I doing here”, as if I belonged somewhere else.  Like any faithful person, I began to pray about it to see what “my” problem was.  I’d been waiting on an answer for quite a while, but God finally began to speak to me…

Today I can tell you guys that I’m a little closer to understanding what this curve ball is all about.  For those of you that don’t believe in God, rest assured that I can be the one person you can call on to ensure you that He does.  While my wife and I had been praying for months (in private; no one knew…not even our parents) on this funk that I’d been in, God literally used an unorthodox woman that I don’t know from a can of paint (and doesn’t know me) to speak to the very things that my wife and I had been praying so fervently about for the past few months.  And it wasn’t one of these vague “God’s got a blessing for you” prophecies; it was one where the issue(s) were called out in the exact manner in which we were seeking a response from God.  If nothing ever even comes from this, at least I know that God is still listening to His children when we are adamant on calling on Him for help!  Anyhow, I’m learning that this change wasn’t about anything that I’ve done wrong, anything that I’ve done correctly, nor being about anything that is off track in my home; it’s a change that God has been specifically tailoring so that He could get my attention to focus on the next stage of my life.  So while I understand that, I still don’t know what the next step is in relation to His will over my life.  I was so comfortable and set with how things are now!  But I do know that His Will is the absolute safest place for me to be, and I also have a committed wife that is willing to support me/us while I am driving with impaired vision.  Ultimately she knows that we have the best pilot this world has ever seen; Jesus Christ.

Now as for me, I just need to equip myself to hit the curveball the next time Life decides to throw it…after all, since I know exactly who the “Pitcher” is now, I should be able to study His tendencies and finally connect with what He’s been throwing.  I’m in training for the next two weeks….I expect to return during this time with a triumphant story; not just a hit, but a HOME run!  Prayers as always family; 1 love.