Author: ketrin90

Lost ones…..

Cancer is something that has effected 39% of men and women in the world. Cancer does not just effect the infected, it also has a direct effect on the loved ones of the people infected with the disease. Yesterday the sports world lost a very iconic figure in Craig Sager to his battle with cancer. He touched the lives of so many people nationwide and will truly be missed.  Families around the world are dealing with these same types of losses everyday. So I challenge you to join the fight! I challenge you to donate to cancer research foundations. I challenge you to volunteer your services however you you see fit. Something has to be done and those efforts start with us. We can not continue to stand by and let this disease continue to claim the lives of innocent people. Step up and make your efforts known! Will you accept the challenge?

Think About it

For some of you who may not know I am a football coach in Pine Bluff. Yesterday afternoon we asked a police officer to come in and speak with our team (99% African American) about the proper procedures when you are pulled over by a police officer. While I do feel this talk was completely necessary for the safety of our boys, I had a bunch of mixed emotions around the situation. As the officer spoke about complying and being respectful my mind wandered and I thought of all the incidents that have occurred over the past few years. Numerous African American males have complied and their parents still were forced to bury them after their encounter with officers. What do we tell our children? Just comply and everything will be fine. Well society has proven that even this is not a fire proof way to make it home to your family. If I completely comply with the officers every request and demand but am still looked at as inferior to him or beneath him does it really matter if I comply or not? While I feel this talk was necessary, I pose a question to you. Do coaches at a predominately white school have to have a officer come in to have this same talk with his players? Think about it.



Male Masculinity……

The appearance of the male race has greatly changed throughout the years. That is understandable being you must be able to adapt to survive. Why does this change require stripping males of their masculinity? The media is a great influence on today’s society. Almost every image of males that is displayed for our young brothers to see is one that almost completely strips males of their masculinity. Whether it be the extremely tight clothes or the extreme increase in male on male relations being displayed. It is all a plan to keep men from being actual men. By all means lets not return to the times of a  140 pound brother wearing a 4X t-shirt, but at least move to a time of wearing clothes that actually fit. Brothers do not be fooled by what is presented before you as what a man should be. Do not allow your masculinity to be stripped, be the strong man you are meant to be.

The Day After……

Greetings everyone,

I hope and pray everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Traditionally a lot of food is consumed and everyone tells what they are thankful for and show it on this day. Are we actually thankful though? Why does it take a specific day to show our loved ones we are thankful for them? If we limit our thankfulness to one day out of the year, are we really thankful? Thanksgiving is a great holiday and I love it just as much as the next man/woman but do not limit yourself. Show the people you are truly thankful for that you love them everyday throughout the year. We do not know what will happen tomorrow, so appreciation can not wait for the last Thursday in November to be shown. Appreciate everything that you are blessed to have daily. Let people know that you love them and appreciate them for just their natural presence in your life. It is easy to show thanks on Thanksgiving but what about The Day After?




The state of the black man is in a state of jeopardy like never before. The black male race is a strong one and has been a strong one since the beginning of time. Lately though todays black males do not want to accept the role and become the kings we are destined to be. There was a time when black men bonded together and stood as one to fight oppression and injustice. Although Oppression and injustice are still very prevalent today there is almost no need for it as we are fighting each other. In the words of Tupac “Give them guns, step back and watch the kill each other”. We cannot fall into the plans of the enemy. We must stand side by side as our ancestors did and fight together in a common goal of defeating the oppressions our race faces. We must not stand on opposing sides of the battle field. We must get the black male back in the household and raise our children up to be strong kings and queens. If we as black men continue to fight each other and continue to leave our children without a strong male figure in their lives, we will continue to be the blind leading the blind. Start being the king you were called to be!