Jerry’s Bio

1382845_579189528810733_1527100746_nName: Jerry L. Morgan Jr.

Age: 34

Hometown: Monroe, LA/ Denver, CO

Current City: Denver, CO

Education History: Bachelors Degree Human Services, and African American Studies

Social Media Handles: jjmaddog9

Interests: Reading, Learning, Mentoring, Helping others, Serving God

Hobbies: Drumming, Church, Teaching, spending time with family. Rest and relaxation every once in a blue moon.

Personality Description: I am an Introverted Extrovert, but most people would say that I am an Ambivert. I can generally be outgoing but I enjoy the peace and sanctity of a quiet room, and just time to think.

About Me Section: I am Jerry, I have been a life long learner, I enjoy to sit and listen to the stories of the elders, and the history of where people came from, to understand where we are going. I Enjoy life, but I enjoy spending time with my children above all else. I am an outspoken person in the area of Fathers Rights, and a lot of what I have to say, is from experience, but a lot more is from a general understanding that there is more than just my side of the story.