Lee Clark Allen Bio

Name: Patrick Lee Clark aka Lee Clark Allen

Age: 30

Hometown: Little Rock, AR

Current City: Denver, CO

Education History:

John L. McClellan HS, 2000-2004

Westminster College (Fulton, MO) , 2004 – 2009 (B.A. in English Creative Writing and Music/Vocal Composition)

Kansai Gaidai University (Osaka, Japan), 2007

New Mexico State University, 2009-2013 (M.F.A. in Creative Writing Poetry)

Metropolitan State University (Denver), 2015-2016 (7-12 Initial Teaching Licenses)

Social Media Links: Facebook: Lee Clark Allen

Interests: Community Service, Writing literary and musical compositions, Acting/Performing Live, Sports, Traveling, Family, Building relationships, Teaching, Learning, and Giving

Hobbies:Playing video games, Reading, Working out, Attending movie theaters, solving puzzles, and meeting new people

Personality Description: Approachable

Having that relationship that Jesus Christ had with his own people (Jews), his circle of friends (his disciples), with random people who became a part of his larger story (Jews and Gentiles), and with sinners (aren’t we all) is the type of relationships I am going after. Consider me as an “Indie” individual.

Metaphorically, I have been cut from a diamond. Among my siblings, I am that piece that cast a different shade from the norm; and I have come to be fine with that. I agree with my amazing little brother, Mr. Isaac A. Clark, that our parents have done a great job installing values into us that can’t be forgotten: hard work, discipline, & respect. Even though I did not get my musical skills from my parents, their display of hard work, discipline, and respect on a regularly basis has propelled me to great heights as a young African American writer, actor, musician, and educator.

I am ambitious and driven; yet, I value humility, a helping hand, and listening skills.